Welcome to the OC Food Access Coalition

At OC Food Access, we get good, nutritious food into the kitchens, hands and mouths of our most vulnerable residents today, and devise long-term strategies to ensure people will have unfettered access to good, nutritious food in the future by transforming our local food system.

Today, nearly 350,000 Orange County residents struggle to get their food needs met on a regular basis, and the number is growing. This isn’t for lack of available food in our community but for lack of access to affordable, good food options for low-income residents.

With alarming rates of obesity and other preventable diet–related diseases on the rise, we must change our food system that unjustly provides cheap, unhealthy food to our most vulnerable people, while good, nourishing food is just out of reach.

OC Food Access is changing that one family, one partnership, one community at a time. Check out our 2017 Impact Report to find out more!

Our Challenges

  • Hunger
  • Diabesity
  • Food Systems

Many of Orange County’s youngest residents aren’t sure where their next meal will come from. Almost half of all OC’s children receive free or reduced price lunches at school, and for many, that will be the healthiest meal of the day.

Food insecurity is a condition of not having enough food to eat but also not having access to a sufficient variety of foods for adequate nourishment. Food insecurity impacts over 13% of adults and 24% of children in Orange County.

Diabetes and obesity often go hand in hand. These two preventable, diet-related diseases are a growing concern for our community. In Orange County 30% of our children and 54% of our adults are overweight or obese.

Low-income residents living in less affluent communities bear the burden of health risks, such as limited access to healthy food options, unaffordable healthcare and lack of safe places to play and be active.

Our current global, industrial food system does very little to address food insecurity, although thousands of tons of good food go to waste every year around the country.

This system produces cheap, highly processed and preserved foods that are calorie rich but nutritionally poor. Unfortunately these products have become the standard for feeding the hungry, compounding the diet related health issues we face as a community and nation.

The Harvest Club in Action

The Overgiving Tree created by Felixx Cho for OC Food Access.