We support policies and programs based on their relevance to our mission and support for equitable principles of food security. We are advocates for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food for all.

Current Legislation

Download the current 2017 OCFAC State Policy Agenda here. See what current local initiatives we are working on here. To learn more about food policy or to get more involved, join the OCFAC CSA, our Community Supported Advocacy Team! Email Christina Hall for more info.

Community Food Assessment

Currently, the bulk of information available on food security in Orange County comes from national or state-level assessments and is insufficient for describing local needs and informing intervention.

In collaboration with our member organizations and partnering academic institutions, OCFAC is conducting a comprehensive Orange County Food Needs Assessment.  This research is critical for understanding the prevalence and consequence of food security in our community and for shaping meaningful, long-term solutions.

Presentations on the preliminary findings of this Community Food Assessment can be found under the resources pages, under OCFAC Files.

Food Providers Forum

This network was created to facilitate greater coordination among food providers in the county, much like the Orange County Hunger Coalition used to do.  Anyone serving the hungry in any capacity is welcome to attend meetings and events of this group in order to network, share resources, receive technical training and learn to be stronger hunger advocates in our community.

Meetings are held quarterly:
2018 meetings include:

  • January 25:  Immigration Landscape
  • April 26:       Topic TBD
  • July 26:        Topic TBD
  • October 25:  Topic TBD

This program is partnership with OC Food Bank and Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.


California Food Policy Council

OC Food Access represents Orange County on the California Food Policy Council, a collaborative of local food policy groups working to ensure that California’s food system reflects the needs of all of its communities. The purpose of the California Food Policy Council is to build the capacity of local food policy bodies to find common ground on policy priorities, generate public support for those policies, educate policymakers on issues in our food system, and advocate for food systems change in California.

Facilitated by Roots of Change, there are currently 25 food policy bodies that sit on the California Food Policy Council. A local food policy body is defined as aCFPC place-based (ie. city, county, neighborhood) collaborative of citizens working to shape policy and practice around food and farming in their communities. These bodies include, but are not limited to: Food Policy Councils, Ag Futures Alliances, and Food Systems Alliances. For more information visit RootsofChange.org.