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We hope you find what you are looking for below. We have compiled resources on hunger, urban agriculture, food systems and sustainability. You will find research, tools and inspiration below.

OC Case Studies & Recent Reports

There are amazing things going on in OC around the food system. Check them out here!

County Nutrition Action Plan 2016-2018pdf

Renewable Farms Anaheimpdf

State of Farm to School in Orange Countypdf

Behind the Orange Curtainpdf

Take Action! Advocates for Change

We need to speak up about hunger, malnutrition and inadequate resources to address these needs in our community. Policy makers and community leaders can help but they need their constituents to communicate directly with them. Here are some tools to help you advocate for change.

2016 CA Food Policy Council Legislative Report on Food & Farmingpdf
2016 CA Food Policy Council Food & Farming Scorecardpdf
2015 CA Food Policy Council Legislative Report on Food and Farmingpdf
2014 CA Food Policy Council Legislative Report on Food and Farmingpdf
CA Food Policy Council 2013 Legislative Reportpdf
Federal Policy Advocacy Handbookpdf
How a Bill Becomes a Lawpdf
One Person, One Voicepdf
Tips for Calling Legislatorspdf
Tips for Writing Legislatorspdf
Tips for Meeting Elected Officialspdf

How to Get Food Help in Orange County

The Orange County Healthcare Agency and County Nutrition Action Plan partners have put together resources on Federal Food Programs that you or your clients may be eligible for.
How to Get Food Help in Orange County – Presentation – Updated 3/2018pdf
How to Get Food Help Quick Reference Guide – Updated 03/2018pdf
WIC Program Sites – Updated 03/2018pdf


Inspiration from Media and Print

OCFAC has compiled a list of current articles, documentaries, TED talks and books on Hunger & Food Security, Agriculture and Environment, and Public Health. If you have resources you think should be shared, let us know. We would be happy to include them.

Book Listpdf
Feeding a Family in a Recessionpdf
Food Policy Councils Reportpdf
Movie Listpdf
Perceptions of the US Food Systempdf
Rethinking School Lunchpdf
Ted Talkspdf
Urban Agriculture & Food Security 2002pdf
Local Food Systems: Concepts, Impacts & Issuespdf

Understanding Food Insecurity in OC

Hunger is a complex issue in any community and Orange County is no exception. In fact, fighting this issue here may be more challenging than in other places. The resources below will help define and paint a picture of food insecurity here and around the country.

Food Insecurity by County in California 2009pdf
OC Obesity Summit – May 2011pdf
OCFAC & 2-1-1 OC State of Hunger II 2012pdf
Obesity, Diets and Social Inequitiespdf
Feeding America Report 2010pdf
Kaiser Foundation 2010 Needs Assessmentpdf
SeniorServ and 2-1-1 OC Hunger Presentation 2011pdf


These are materials developed by OCFAC to share with the community. Please contact our team if you have any questions or for permission to duplicate materials.

The Local Food System and Youpdf
Hunger and Policy Presentation – May 2013pdf
CSUF Food Assessment Phase 1pdf
CSUF Research Summary Briefpdf
Effects of Education and Income on Nutrient Intakepdf
Food Insecurity and Exposure to Environmental Pesticidespdf
Time Use and Food Securitypdf
OCFAC & 2-1-1 OC State of Hunger II 2012pdf