Garden to Cafeteria Program

Federal law encourages Garden-to-Cafeteria programs by allowing “nonprofit” school food service funds to be used towards school gardens as long as the funds are “supporting the operations and/or improvement of the school meals program.” School districts are required to procure food from an “approved source,” so a challenge you may face is validating your garden as an “approved source” of food. There are some practices you will need to follow in the garden as a self-verification. One approach at validating your garden is obtaining a “Certified Producer Certificate” from the Department of Food and Agriculture.

Community Garden Produce/Field Retail Stand

There are some requirements to be aware of for Community Garden Produce Stands. Agricultural products should be labeled with the name and address of the community food producer. If the agricultural products are being sold on the site of production and by the community food producer, than conspicuous signage should be provided in lieu of a product label. Each city in Orange County has specific municipal codes, zoning ordinances and business license regulations. Be sure to reference these codes and/or contact your city planning division to ensure proper location of your produce stand.

Orange County Garden Map

This map shows where school and community gardens are located in Orange County, CA. We know we do not have all of them on here, so if yours is missing, please reach out. Email and we will add you right away!

Urban Ag Resources

We have an entire page dedicated to Orange County Urban Agriculture. Check it out here!